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Past Construction Activities
The United States Armed Forces Legacy Project
was established  to honor men and women of
our armed forces.  The Project site had to
undergo extensive ground preparation before
the first basalt pillars could be placed.
Pillars represent  the 5 armed services.  The
US Flag flies atop the 50 foot flagpole.
This model
depicts how the
Legacy Project will
look when fully

The service
officer building will
have a research
library.  A
qualified service
officer will be
available to help
veterans obtain
benefits such as
medical coverage.

Your donations
and support help
us get closer to
completion each
A viewing area is marked by small pillars
connected by a Navy anchor chain.
The walls reflect
many veterans who
were decorated with
the Medal of Honor,
Bronze Star, Silver
Star and The Purple
Heart along with
others who were
prisoners of war, or
              Help Support the Legacy Project

  • Become a member.  Annual dues are only $20.00.  Rates for Lifetime memberships are also
  • Sponsor a plaque.  Honor your veteran with a plaque bearing his/her name that will be on
    the wall at the site.  Cost is $100.00.
  • Donate time, equipment or materials to help with the construction.
  • Make a monetary donation.

The United States Armed Forces Legacy Project is a 501(C)3 organization so your contributions
are tax deductible.
Basalt pillars support the plaque walls.  The
Service Officer building and Library will be
built between the walls.

Mounting of the plaques is started on one
This sign was designed and built by Jane
Thompson (Mrs. Bob Thompson) of Wizard
Works.  The sign post was originally the
base of the Tonasket Shell service station
sign.  The post was donated by Floyd E.
Kennedy, who also purchased the first
name plaque of the project,  He has been
very helpful developing the Legacy project.
The plaque walls display names of service members from the Civil War, Vietnam, Korea, WWI, WWII, the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  There are a total
of 8 walls and installation of plaques on the 6th and 7th walls are scheduled for Fall 2012.
The marker for
American Legion
Post 82,
Tonasket, WA
was recently
relocated to the
Legacy site.
A  flyover view of the Legacy provided by Terry Mills and pilot, Dave Hanna in the Fall of

You can see that the sidewalks and stairs have been completed along with the pad for the
Service Officer/Library building.  The group on the right hand side is working on the recent
plaque installation.  There are now over 800 plaques currently installed on 6 of the 8
available walls.  

If you click on the pictures below, they will open up in a new window for viewing.  Many
thanks to Terry and Dave for capturing these shots!
The many volunteers over the past several years have helped to make the Legacy a truly impressive tribute to the men and women of our armed services
<---    You can click on any of the eight thumbnails just below to see a larger picture --->
Over 1100 service men and women have been honored at the Legacy by the
purchase of individual plaques.   The 8 walls facing the project have been filled.  
Future installations will  face the creek and park area.  The new pedestrian bridge
(summer 2015) will face the remaining plaque locations.

The next installation will be in the spring of 2015.

Please consider honoring a veteran with a plaque purchase soon.   All proceeds go
to the Legacy to help fund ongoing improvements and services.  Your donation is
only $100.00 per plaque and it is tax deductible.  A form is available by selecting the
link at the top right of this web page.  
Photo Courtesy of Terry Mills
Recent photos show
the exciting progress
that has been made.  
The Service
building is ready to
help local Veterans
and their families.  
The Walls of Honor
face out towards the
grounds which
include flags
honoring each of the
military services.
Mailing Address:  PO Box 854 Tonasket WA  98855 - All
correspondence or donations

Physical Address:  1 Tonasket Shop Road  Tonasket WA (Visible
from Hwy 97)

Email Address:

The Legacy Association meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of
each month at the Legacy.  Start time is 6:00pm and you're invited
to attend.